Private vs Public - A Brighter Outlook: The Case For Private Investment Allocations

Delve into the role of central banks in capital markets, the impact of fiscal stimulus, and the shift in the risk spectrum. 

Since the dotcom market bubble, the invisible hand of the Federal Reserve and other global
central banks became not so invisible. In fact, the Federal Reserve became the biggest player in capital markets ...

What You'll Learn:

  • The Role of Central Banks: Discover how the actions of the Federal Reserve and other global central banks have influenced capital markets and the implications for long-term investment opportunities.
  • The Shift in Risk Spectrum: Understand how the push towards negative interest rates has transformed savers into speculators, investors, or lenders, and the impact on investment strategies.
  • The Case for Private Assets: Learn about the potential benefits of private assets, including hedge funds, private equity, private credit, and private real estate, and how they can offer opportunities for returns in a challenging investment landscape.
  • Private vs Public Equity Valuations: Gain insights into the current valuation levels of private equity buyouts versus the S&P 500, and why a premium in the private space may be less concerning than in the public space.
  • The Potential of Decentralization: Explore how the trend towards decentralization could open up more opportunities in private markets, particularly in the face of technological innovations and the rise of blockchain.



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